Recently Altaya / IXO has brought out a very nice model of a Mercedes-Benz LP333 from BRUNO HOYER, HAMBURG.
Unfortunately this model and the research for it is far from perfect, and it is loaded with errors.
The model is painted in light green, when it should be painted light grey; a standard Mercedes-Benz colour.
Next there is a miss spelling. It reads :

the correct spelling is:

The typography is also wrong, and this includes the license plates too.
We have therefore decided to make a 1:43 "BRUNO HOYER" correctional decal sheet, so You can repaint Your otherwise nice model in the correct colour, and redecorate it with the correct texts. Furthermore You now have the possibility to block out and paint the side windows in the "sleeper" cab, as well as paint the fenders in the cab colour.
We will make the decal sheet, so You can either use the model´s original tube boxes on the side of the tank, or You can build the correct larger tube boxes, according to the photo below. Please note, that the models tube boxes are wrongly painted light green, correctly they are polished steel.
We are currently experimenting to be able, in screenprint, to replicate the structure of the circular polished steel of the tube boxes. If we succeed, this gives us quite new possibilities.
We will include decals for You to build a trailer, with the text:
and additional decals for vintage BRUNO HOYER models on the sheet as well.
 A colour chip, to show the correct colour, in which to paint Your model, is included too.
Below are shown three pictures, all three trucks are painted in the same original Daimler-Benz colour. You can clearly see the difference to the incorrct light green clolour on the Altaya model. As the LP333 picture is an old photo, it might have faded during time. But on the two new pictures, of restored vehicles, the colour is unambigouos light grey. 
And now, when You are detailling the Altaya model, please notice, that it is mounted with regular wheels, and not TRILEX-wheels.
If You choose to retain the TRILEX-wheels, do not forget, that the wheel bolts might be painted silver, according to the photo of the Mercedes-Benz 2626 dump truck below.
All in all, our new decal sheet Art. Nr. 50-012 will give You the possibility to create an outstanding model.

Below is a selection of vintage Bruno Hoyer Vehicles:

Below are som contemporary Hoyer trucks: